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The Speech-EZ® Apraxia Program is available through our National Network of Speech-EZĀ® Apraxia Program Providers.

Shelly Hamula, MS CCC-SLP

  • Name and credentials:

    Shelly Hamula, MS CCC-SLP

    Name of business/place of employment:
    Salt Lake Speech & Language

    Employment Type:
    Private Practice

    Credential Level:
    Completed Speech-EZ® Training

    Client Type:
    Pediatric and Adult
  • Location: Utah

    1308 South 1700 East Suite 211
    Salt Lake City, Utah 84108

    Phone: 801-581-1307
    Fax: 801-581-1306

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Shelly Hamula graduated from Utah State University in 1996 with a Masters Degree in Speech Language Pathology. Clinical experience includes inpatient rehabilitation and acute care, clinical supervision, and private practice.