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Heather A. Marenda, M.S., CCC-SLP

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    Heather A. Marenda, M.S., CCC-SLP

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    Speech Me, LLC

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    Private Practice

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    Completed Speech-EZ® Training

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  • Location: California

    3637 Motor Avenue, Suite 300, Los Angeles, CA 90230

    Phone: 310-876-1110
    Fax: 310-876-1114

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    Heather A. Marenda


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Heather, originally from Chicago, Illinois, moved to Southern California in 2006 for better weather and the beach. Heather is a CA licensed and ASHA certified speech-language pathologist. She recently resigned from her position at UCLA as a senior speech therapist in the Early Childhood Partial Hospitalization Program to focus solely on her private practice, Speech Me, LLC. Heather specializes in treating children ranging in age from birth to 6 years. With a high interest and much experience treating children with Childhood Apraxia of Speech and Autism Spectrum Disorders, she also treats clients with a vast array of diagnoses and disorders, enjoying the individuality each child brings to the clinic.

Heather and her colleagues not only provide 1:1 speech and language therapy services, but also hold social-pragmatic language groups to promote social communication skills for children with all types of diagnoses. These groups range in size and age as well as skills.