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Gillian Liebrandt, MA

  • Name and credentials:

    Gillian Liebrandt, MA

    Name of business/place of employment:
    Millenium Learning Advantage

    Employment Type:
    Private Learning Centre

    Credential Level:
    Completed Speech-EZ® Training

    Client Type:
    Pediatrics, Adolescents, Distance Consulting
  • Location: Port Moody

    201 - 2615 St John's St.,
    Port Moody, B.C. V3H 2B5

    Phone: 604-461-3330


Website: www.millenniumlearningadvantage.com

Email This Provider: gl9963@gmail.com

Gillian Liebrandt has a Master's degree (South Africa) in Education and spent 30 years in the classroom. She has taught in several different countries on the African continent and immigrated to Canada in 1979. She left teaching to open a learning centre to work with children experiencing learning difficulties.

She currently works with children who are on the autistic spectrum, have problems communicating or have a global developmental delay. She is trained in the Speech-EZ Apraxia program, The Listening Program, Learning Ears, PACE (processing and cognitive enhancement) Master The Code Reading program, Audiblox, and Balametrics.