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The Speech-EZ® Apraxia Program is available through our National Network of Speech-EZ® Apraxia Program Providers.

Christina Skuburdis, M.S., CCC-SLP

  • Name and credentials:

    Christina Skuburdis, M.S., CCC-SLP

    Name of business/place of employment:
    Christina Skuburdis, LLC

    Employment Type:
    Private Practice

    Credential Level:
    Completed Speech-EZ® Training

    Client Type:
    Pediatrics and Adolescents
  • Location: Connecticut

    2043 Bedford Street
    Stamford, CT 06905

    Phone: 203 849-0021
    Fax: 203 849-0021


Website: www.StamfordSpeechTherapy.com

Christina Skuburdis is a licensed health-care practitioner who provides children and adolescents with oral-motor, feeding, speech and language therapy.

In her private practice, Christina treats voice and communication disorders including apraxia (inability to plan speech movement), dysarthria (slurred speech), and dysfluencies (such as stuttering), as well as feeding issues and dysphagia (swallowing difficulties) associated with oral-motor and sensory problems.

Christina treats typically developing youngsters as well as those with developmental disabilities, and teaches parents to continue her recommended therapies at home and at school.
Christina uses a mix of methods, including orofacial myology and sensory-integration therapies -- plus lots of positive reinforcement -- to help kids speak better, eat better and get along better with others now and into adulthood.