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Allison Keeler, MA CCC-SLP

  • Name and credentials:

    Allison Keeler, MA CCC-SLP

    Name of business/place of employment:
    ‘more than words’ Pediatric Therapy Associates, Inc.

    Employment Type:
    Private Practice

    Credential Level:
    Speech-EZ® Certified Practitioner

    Client Type:
    Early intervention, Pediatrics, Adolescents
  • Location: Georgia

    1701 N. Patterson St.
    Valdosta, GA 31602

    Phone: 229-244-4545
    Fax: 229-244-4244


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    Allison Keeler, MA CCC-SLP

Website: www.morethanwordsga.org

Allison Keeler, MA CCC-SLP, graduated from the University of MA at Amherst in 2006 with a Masters Degree in Communication Disorder, a minor in Audiology, and a concentration in American Sign Language/Deaf Education. She holds the Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA) and state licensure in GA and MA. Allison currently works at ‘more than words’ Pediatric Therapy Associates, Inc., a Rite Care Clinic which provides both speech and occupational therapy services to children in southern GA. She also provides early intervention services through the Babies Can’t Wait program.

Allison has previously worked in a variety of settings including public schools, schools for the Deaf, and skilled nursing facilities. Across all settings, she develops individualized treatment plans for her clients and draws from a variety of multi-disciplinary approaches. Her experience providing at-home early intervention serviceshas helped her to prepare children and their families for transition into Headstart programs, special education pre-school programs and public schools.

Allison has received additional training and continuing education in the areas of hearing loss and American Sign Language, phonological disorders, and Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS). In addition to using the Speech EZ® Apraxia Program, she is trained in the “Kaufman Speech to Language Protocol” and uses a variety of treatment strategies based on the research of Edythe Strand, Shelly Velleman, and Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson. She is always interested in incorporating the latest evidenced-based techniques into her sessions in ways that are both creative and engaging. At the clinic, Allison works closely with families to develop appropriate therapy goals and objectives for their children. She provides caregivers with take-home materials and suggests language-based games and activities outside of the clinic.